Clean Your Laptop Or It Will Cost You – The Best Tip You Will Need

laptopssWith all the things to be done around the house and cleaning that has to be done on a regular basic it can be easy to forget that the laptop or desktop computer that you have at home will need the same treatment or cleaning and maybe not so much as everything else would. And yes it can be overwhelming when you have to ensure that the kids, pets and household are well kept.

Depending on the age of your kids their world might revolve around the computer screen for school work and maybe even yours if you’re a stay at home and work Dad or Mom. It is a good idea to make a schedule on what is essential to get done and not neglect that cleaning of your laptop/desktop computer is also important taking into consideration that it creates your source of income or/and it is an educational distraction for your kids.

Even though there are a lot of best laptops under 500 dollars to choose from on Amazon category search, you will still find it a financial burden to replace a laptop or computer than only requires a few minutes to clean to last as it should. While many will focus on the maintenance of the software part alone, it is even more important to ensure that hardware is maintain and especially the fan that cools down the system is dust free and clean to fully perform its function. Even though there are quite a few component to clean the cooling fan is the first priority.

cooling fan

The cooling fan is located on the laptop/computer CPU, its main function is to ensure that the internal components don’t over heat and damage the system. The cooler the system, the faster it is like to perform and the longer it is likely to function. Not removing clogged dirt and dust from the fan is the sure way of damaging the desktop computer or laptop.  A dirty fan isn’t able to rotate properly to keep its motor cool, resulting in it working even harder and overheating as well.

Many people don’t even know that smoking around your laptop/computer isn’t healthy for it as well. Why? The nicotine and tar from the cigarette will certain damage your laptop’s fan easily, and quickly as well. Also you have to be absolute aware of what you’re doing when it gets down to cleaning the cooling fan because you can easily damage it if not done with extreme care.

It’s quite easy to cause more damage from cleaning so if you’re not comfortable with cleaning your PC yourself, take it to a shop for servicing. Otherwise, you can unplug and disassemble the computer to do it yourself.

You will required to have an anti-static rag and a can of compressed air when removing some of the persistent dust and dirt. When using the can, ensure that the dust won’t blow back into the laptop itself or into sensitive components and be sure to carefully wipe up all the remaining dust with the anti-static rag and then it is smooth sailing into reassembling the machine. with your anti-static rag and then reassemble the computer.

A word of caution to the persons that like to try and do stuff differently don’t even considering using a vacuum cleaner as a dust cleaner for your laptop cooling fan. The reason for this is because the strong suction of a vacuum cleaner can easily spark damaging static electricity or disconnect cables. Be sure to not use any of those oil based cleaners you see on the market today because that can erode sensitive parts and just stick to liquid free dusting process and your cleaning routine will be safe enough to repeat as often as you want.

It may be very difficult to prevent dust from entering the computer but it does help to reduce the need to clean your system in the very often. If you use this article and follow the simple guide chances are you will only have to clean your laptop’s cooling fan maybe the least of three times yearly and you will only have to worry about upgrading the components.

Prevention is key but that doesn’t means you won’t have to clean the fan, it just means that you’re likely to clean it less. The entire cleaning process should take longer than 15 minutes but it may depend on whether you know how to properly disassemble your machine. Hope you found the article: Clean Your Laptop Or It Will Cost You – The Best Tip You Will Need helpful. And if you’re in need of a new laptop, then check out the article best laptops 2015 under 500 today.